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Why Relationships at Workplace Matter?

Friends or Co-workers- an article titled by the American Psychological Association says that one should not blur and mix the two different words. Building positive workplace relationships and managing them well is vital for career success. Workplace relationships are a tipping point upon which your entire career depends. Developing such relationships is inevitable, however, managing …

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Predictive Analytics, 2019: What, When & How?

Even if you have heard of predictive analytics in the past, you may not be sure about what exactly does it mean. A prediction will always remain a prediction with all its shortcomings as well as its advantages. Basically, predictive analytics is a process where a piece of software analyzes the previously collected data which …

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How to choose a Professional Offshore Development Company?

Technology being the ever-evolving and growing industry is also changing the ways we used to live earlier. The key to choose the right development team for your company is based upon understanding your actual goals and the success criteria involved for a particular project. The use of more and more advanced technology, especially for web …

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How Cloud Computing enables New Business Models?

Cloud computing, is simply, the delivery of computing services over the internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Companies are quickly incorporating cloud solutions as cloud computing is said to be a big shift from the traditional ways of doing business. Cloud computing has enabled and helped the small companies to …

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Pros & Cons of Agile Development

Agile product development methodology has certainly grown in popularity and influence since their introduction. It is a process that helps the team to provide quick and unpredictable responses to the feedback received on the projects. The agile methodology works by breaking down the project into smaller parts and deliver them in short cycles known as …

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50 SEO Tools That Will Boost Your Website.

If you are looking to build up a reputation and visibility of your blog in search engines. You will need something more than just the backlinks. You will need some powerful SEO tools to do the Research and keep yourself updated before your competitors. Here’s our curated list of 50 SEO Tools (Free + Premium) That you can use to reach a higher level for your blog.

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Will Data Intelligence transform the Business world?

With the advent of available technologies and data science outperforming the outdated methods, the traditional business methods being followed aren’t enough for the ever-growing Business enterprise world. Businesses have been constantly on a lookout to improve and refine their processes in order to grab a huge audience. Data intelligence is one such innovation that can …

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