26 Email Marketing Tools To Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Media – The king of Digital Marketing Domain and then there comes Email Marketing. Email Marketing is literally the grandparent of social media and Email marketing is still the best if used in the right way.

As long as you use Email marketing the right way. It will be the most valuable channel for marketing. Also with the value, it’s also a good way to generate money.

You can use the email marketing for promoting a mobile app, website or any service. along with that, you can also tell your clients about the services that you are offering.

Here are some of the Best Email Marketing Tools, to ensure that you hit the marketing result every time.

List Of 26 Email Marketing Tools

Benchmark mail: It is an email promotion service which offers integrated, automated and robust features to send responsive emails and track results.The best online sales and marketing solutions designed to help you create powerful email marketing campaigns.

Clever Reach: Clever reach is a global email marketing service provider which helps in successfully creating, sending and evaluating email marketing campaigns. It can manage upto 250 recipients and send upto 1000 emails per month for free.

Drip Scripts: Let’s you customize proven email sequences to turn leads into customers or highly converting results. Use this sequence to build a great relationship and move towards conversions.

Email Octopus : Email Octopus is an email marketing service designed especially for cloud users to manage and email your subscribers. It includes app integrations, blog automation, responsive templates, real-time analytics, etc.

Gmail promotion: The Gmail promotions tab provides the users with brand new visual opportunities which makes it much easier and faster to view the upcoming deals and images. It helps the promoters to put their deals in spotlight and gain maximum audience.

List Goal: ListGoal helps you find simple ways to get the maximum number of email subscribers and monitor your performance. It alerts you of any suspicious activity being done or if there is something to be concerned about.

Mail Tester: With mail tester find out whether an email address is valid or not, test email deliverability, avoid bounced emails and helps you find new email contacts with the help of first and the last name.

Mail Chimp: Mail Chimp is a marketing automation tool that helps you share emails, landing pages and ad campaigns with the customers and other related parties to grow business on your own terms

Mailer lite: It is a professional email marketing and promotion platform made easy for small businesses and compliments the existing content marketing strategies.

Mail Jet: Streamline your emailing and boost your sales with Mailjet. It serves as an email solution for teams to create, send and monitor marketing emails, SMS and offer highly flexible APIs in addition, thus, allowing developers to easily integrate their solutions within their apps or services.

Moon mail: Use Moon mail as an email marketing platform to create, design and analyze your email marketing campaigns in minutes.

Moo send: Moosend is an email marketing service that helps you easily design and send beautiful email campaigns, start personalized conversations and have high engagement rates.

MX Toolbox Blacklist Check: This tool helps you see whether your domain or IP address is blacklisted or invalid. Blacklisted email servers don’t deliver any email.

Omni send: An eCommerce marketing automation platform for small and medium scale eCommerce websites which lets you turn your visitors into subscribers and in turn subscribers into shoppers.

Reach Mail: Reach Mail helps organizations of all kinds to connect with audiences through email and become an email expert. They use cookies to ensure you the best experience.

Revue: An editorial tool without any algorithms for wriets and publishers for publishing content without any guesswork.

Send Check It Email Subject line Analyzer: This tool helps you to check out whether the words in your subject matter contain spam words or not.

Sender: With the help of Sender you can easily keep in touch with the customers and grow your business.

Sender Score: Use Sender score to measure your email reputation by taking a lot metrics into consideration such as spam complaints, mailing to unknown users, blacklisted users etc.

Sendicate: Sendicate is an email app which sends email to the appropriate users with simplicity and design.

Send Inblue: SendInblue offers cloud based digital marketing tools to over 50,000 growing companies to build relationships with their customers.

Send pulse: Send pulse offers multiple communication channels such as email, SMS, web push, Facebook. to interact with your customers withn the same platform.

Subjectline.com: The number one tool for email marketing for people who love to write clever and witty subject lines but face some difficulties.

Taxi mail: The best email marketing tool that allows you to easily create and send email marketing campaigns for better business opportunities.

Tiny letter: Tiny letter is a tool by mail chimp which lets you customize your letters and widen your audience by giving a personalized touch .

YMLP: Create a free account to manage, track and send with YMLPs easy-to-use email newsletter software.

Did we missed any email marketing tool that you love? Let’s know in the comments down below.