A Look at Flat Design!

There has been a growing tidal wave of flat designs on the web with the dawn of personal computing in the last few years. Earlier web designers used to focus on showing their skills and portfolios with flashy illustrations and animations which ultimately pleased the visitors. But now the trend has shifted towards bringing the real life on screens which gave way to ‘flat design’ opposing the artificial designing techniques in favor of a more simplified one.


A minimalistic design approach that focuses on reusability. It can be seen as a more sophisticated and versatile version of minimalism and features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colors, and two-dimensional illustrations. Microsoft was one of the first to apply this design style and bring aspects of real life to an interface.

Why have Flat Designs become so popular?

Let’s discover some more information about flat designs and why are they so popular.


Flat designs are simplistic and extremely captivating. If applied correctly with a complete layout, it would be brilliant and definitely attract and hold the customers to visit your website. Though it might take some practice and time to put in an appropriate manner, once done, will have an everlasting effect.


Despite the refined graphics in the design, flat web designs are still interactive and appealing. Try implementing flat designs with proper research to have an overall attractive look.


Users are able to navigate through the entire website easily without any issue using flat design. It is easy to use with features of open space, bright colors and crisp edges.


Flat designs have grown in popularity from quite some time on both web and mobile interfaces. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to identify the clickable area.


The flat web layouts do not necessarily mean boring, in fact, contrasting colors and illustrations grab attention from all the corners. Flat designs are more preferable by business or company websites as they look more professional.


Flat design is beautifully adaptable to every application and thus makes for cleaner codes, increased page loading speed, and easy adaptability.

Once you have decided to follow the flat design strategy, make sure to design every aspect with a minimalistic and user-centric approach. It helps us to make websites functional as well as beautiful and bring us a step closer to a new paradigm of digital design.