Building up web applications with ASP.NET Boilerplate

An application framework makes writing applications easier and lets you build your applications from scratch. Though starting a new enterprise web application is a bit difficult, an application framework takes all the complexities of interfacing with the different environments and simplifies them for you.

Now since all applications need some common tasks, we tend to repeat the steps for every application. To avoid the re-development of the same steps many organizations prefer to develop their application frameworks.

One such open-source framework, ASP.NET Boilerplate has been developed to build new modern web applications using best practices with popular tools and technologies.

In the world of .NET, this application framework has been one of the most starred frameworks with a solid model to work upon. Let us talk about some of the features of ASP.NET Boilerplate which help in providing a solid development experience.

  • Layered architecture: Based on Domain-Driven Design (DDD), it provides a layered architectural model that includes the domain, application, presentation, and infrastructure layers.
  • Modular Design: It provides an infrastructure to build reusable and composable modules using the most popular frameworks/libraries.
  • Multi-tenancy: Built-in multi-tenancy features with tenant, edition, feature, subscription, payment management, etc. makes building SaaS applications easy with integrated multi-tenancy from a database to UI.
  • Authentication & Authorization: Based on the ASP.NET Identity framework, it provides users with rich login options and a complete authorization system with multitenant LDAP support.
  • Free & Open-source: This application framework has been developed on GitHub and is open for active contributions.
  • Project Templates: Provides individual project templates for Single and Multiple-page applications based on Twitter Bootstrap with the latest versions of Angular JS.

How It Works:

DRY- Don’t Repeat Yourself! is one of the main ideas of a good developer while developing software. ASP.NET Boilerplate automates common software development tasks by convention and lets you focus on your business code.

In a nutshell, ASP.NET Boilerplate accelerates custom web application development by providing a wide range of free and premium startup templates. The premium startup templates simplify the development of complex user interfaces by providing advanced features like user, role, permission, language, real-time notification, language management pages, etc.

Go ahead as per the need and turn a business idea into an awesome application for others to use and get a feel of your idea. Focus on your business code and keep going!