Confused about the Latest Programming Languages & Their Uses? This List Can be of Help!

It takes all the right skills to become a successful software developer. But what it also demands is making the right decisions. So although you have to earn your expertise by learning and working with the programming languages, you also need to choose the best one you would like to work with (probably for a longer time).

It is interesting because there are probably hundreds of coding languages, each with its own set of benefits.

How would you choose the best one? A look at stats can answer this for you as the best product is always liked and used by more people.

But if you are here reading this, this is going to be easier for you. We searched around the web and talked to our developers to figure out the best ones for you. Check out the trends list below and decide which one you like to pick up for yourself.

Programming Language Usage Trend (On GitHub)
JavaScript 19.014% (+0.225%)
Python 16.351% (+0.243%)
Java 12.817% (+2.086%)
Ruby 7.194% (+0.702%)
PHP 4.910% (-0.288%)
C# 3.413% (-0.383%)
Swift 0.554% (-0.190%)


Java has been around for years. So although you will see many alternatives for doing what it can do for you, it is the best option. Ever since the growth in the latest programming methods and languages, many believe that its popularity has decreased but, it is likely to be around for more years.

So if you have been considering this one, there is no reason you should not. It can help you in mobile applications, gaming applications and scientific applications. Moreover, it is also apt for complex applications and mobile software.

It is widely used for mobile development and projects based on natural language processing. But its usage is not limited to these, you can also use it for games, numerical, desktop as well as other mobile computing,

Java has retained its place among the most popular programming languages because of its huge community, frequent updates and the easiness of use and supports for multi-threading.


Yes, we have  talked about Java but, you need to be clear that these are entirely different if you are a newbie. The blame is not on you though, it can get confusing because of the same initials.

Both of them are different as Java is a programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language.

It runs in a browser and is simpler to understand as its code are all in text.

On the other hand side, Java creates applications that run both the server-side and the browsers. So it is the first choice if you are developing mobile or web apps!


No one in software development has not yet heard about Python. It has become so popular in recent years. However, this popularity is not for nothing. Take a moment to think about what ideal programming should have and then think about Python. You will realize that surprisingly it has all the features. It offers efficiency, is versatile and is easy to learn!

Though it may be slower at times, you can work on pretty much everything from simple web applications to robust software and developing games using this.

It is the first choice of developers to work on scientific projects or databases, artificial intelligence, data science, computer vision, machine learning, etc


Ruby believes in keeping things simple. So its code is elegant and very easy. It also works both on the front end and the backend. Though it may not be as flexible as other platforms, it is an ideal choice if you are looking for flawless development. Ruby uses an object-oriented architecture which makes it easier to carry out procedural and functional programming notation.

You might have heard about Ruby On Rails – it is nothing but a web application framework implemented in Ruby.

So if you are a beginner who has a thing for simplicity, this is the right choice for you. Moreover, it also finds its use in prototyping, proof of concepts and data analysis, making it diverse!


The fanbase of PHP is very large and has fairly increased over the past years. Though, at one point, it was considered outdated the 5x update managed to get back its hold on the developer community.

It also has many popular frameworks like Laravel, making it easier to use. It is often the right choice for massive projects that offers functional and object-oriented programming.

If you are looking forward to quickly develop a simple website, this can serve your purpose perfectly fine.


It is not uncommon to find yourself stuck in deciding between C, C++ and C#. This is the oldest of all and rightly justifies the saying old is gold.

For starters – C is the base language, C++ is its expansion and C# is inspired by it.

There is nothing that you can not do with C+, the updated version of C. But C# gives more versatility and saves time as it is easier to use.

So if you are just a beginner, choosing either of these might be a good option. C# is short and complex but it is very similar to Java, making it easier to learn Java after you work on it.

C is commonly used for OS kernels and embedded devices. But it is also helpful for graphics in heavy software like browsers, photo and video editing apps and games.


Apple has not shied away from contributing to the software world as well. Swift was introduced by Apple in 2010 for IOS developers to save them from working with Objective C.

It is considered one of the easiest to learn languages as it does not have any long codes and the codes are easy to read by anyone who speaks/knows English. It also makes adding new features easier, making it a high-end language. But, this language is comparatively new and the continuous updates make it relatively unstable.

Commonly, it is used for Developing iOS mobile applications. So if you are someone willing to grow, learn and experiment while working for iOS and Mac platforms, this is the one for you.

The list does not end here as the software development world is full of options. You can choose between Angular, Meteor and Go as well. So carefully assess your needs to pick up the best one for yourself and if you need more help, reach out to us.