Creative uses of QR Codes

Creative uses of QR Codes

QR Codes – 15 Innovative Ways to Use them in Small Business Marketing

A QR code is a ‘Quick Response Code’ that delivers encoded information to the user. It can show up to 4000 characters which might or might not be open to editing.

It is safe to say that these are here to stay and so are QR codes generators. Since not only have they been in use for a while but are also supported by the tech giants.

Now it is possible to scan a QR code from your smartphone (Apple or Android) without downloading any app for scanning. So, if you have been considering using them, go ahead! Here are a few of their features that will help your venture grow.


Gone are the days when the QR codes were monotonous black and white boxes. Now you can customize them to add to the appeal of your site.

Increased Conversions:

These take the users directly to the product page or the action they want to commit. These offer little to no distractions resulting in higher conversions.

Contactless Transactions:

Thanks to the pandemic, contactless transactions are going to be the new normal. QR codes provide the easiest way out when it comes to these.

15 Ways to Use QR Codes Creatively

QR Codes have become a part of several domains of the online world. So much that, we will run out of numbers if we count QR code’s application. Moreover, now you can easily create them using QR codes generators. Here are a few, out of box ideas that can make your venture a success.

1. Newsletters

Email marketing is an age-old method that still proves effective. You can add these QR codes to your emails to direct the users to a specific page on your website to perform an action.

So ask the users to subscribe to your newsletter upon signing up. They can then easily share feedback or check out your latest posts through these! Since they give the users easy access to your site, they increase the chances of interaction.

2. E-learning

Integrating QR codes with your online learning module has the potential to make learning easier for the students. You can use QR codes directing them to relevant videos for more insight into the subject.

This will make the subject matter more interesting. These are faster to use and will make it more convenient to access the given information.

3. Recipes

This can be of great help for the users and cooks or the businesses involved in the cooking industry. Every place where the picture of a recipe is available (magazines, billboards, menus) can have a QR code next to it.

Create them using QR codes generators to direct the users to shop for its ingredients or its recipe video. This will not only provide more information to the users but will also catch the eyes of more and more people.

4. Shopping

Be generous while using QR codes in your store. These have the potential to make the shopping experience of the customers more convenient.

They give the customers an option to check out quickly, simply by using a QR code scanner online and paying without waiting in the long queues. QR codes for your apps or website throughout will also help increase your online reach.

5. QR Codes on Bus Stops

This one seems to be the most helpful and intriguing use; QR Codes can be displayed at the bus stops. People can use QR code scanners online to see the bus schedule. Any changes can be easily updated. So, no one has to face any inconvenience.

6. Webinar Links

Online Webinars are the new thing. However, joining these can be a mess for the users since these are often on different platforms. A dedicated QR code will automatically take them to the right app/platform where the webinar will be held, making it easier for both parties involved.

7. Coupon Codes & Discounts

Since these QR codes are dynamic and can be customized for every user, you can use them to offer discounts and offers to your loyal customers. These are sent through email or SMS and will directly take users to your site where they can unlock the offers. This aids in increasing the chances of a purchase.

8. vCards or Business Cards

Little do we know that QR code and its application are not only limited to redirecting people to your site but you can also use them to share your phone number. Put them on your business cards so that people can contact you just by scanning the code within a few seconds.

9. Prompt the Users to Download Your App

You can also get more people to download your app by using a QR code for it. This can be easily shared and also makes it less hassle for the users to pick up your app (from the several options on the app store or play store). You can put these on your social media pages and nudge people to download your app even without asking for it.

10. Your Social Media Handles

Just like you can put the QR code on your social media platform and direct them to your app, you can also make a QR code that will take the people to your social media handles.

More QR Code Application

  1. Next to art pieces – When visiting an art gallery/museum, it is natural for people to be more curious about them. A QR code placed next to each can provide more information about it.
  2. Online shopping Online stores have simplified shopping but QR codes can make it easier. People can scan the items they want to buy and have them added to their cart. Specific QR Codes can add a few items to the shopping carts of people, making it less time consuming and the use of a QR code generator simplifies it further.
  3. Sending a Message – Scanning a QR code can also send an SMS. This can be useful when it comes to opting and subscribing to specific features.
  4. Wifi authentication – This one can work magic. You no longer have to search for the network and the password to get access to the internet. Scanning a QR code will connect you to the network.
  5. Email address – Just like your phone number, you can also have the users scan a QR code to reach you via email. It will redirect them to your email address.

Static Vs Dynamic Which Code Should I Use?

All the QR Codes help you provide the information you intend to deliver. However, if you are just starting with these, you must know the basic difference between a static and a dynamic QR code.

Simply said, a static QR code once generated, cannot be altered. However, the dynamic QR codes give you the flexibility to change the information you embed.

So, you might want to use a static one for recipes and ingredients. While using dynamic codes for your contact information, a bus schedule or webinar would be the right choice.

Concluding Words

QR codes present an easy way to deliver data in an intriguing way to the audience. That is why both the small scale as well as large businesses are adding them to their marketing strategies. Customise them to suit the needs of your business and enjoy the benefits as your audience gets easy access to data.

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