Search engines with huge databases or products involving e-commerce often face issues in the retrieval of information which poses a poor user experience to the potential customers. Businesses are nowadays looking for alternatives where the data is stored to promote quick and easy retrieval. One such alternative turns out to be Elastic Search (ES) as a NoSQL distributed database.

Let’s understand what’s so important and significant about Elastic search.

Elastic search is a highly scalable, document-oriented database designed to store, retrieve and manage semi-structured data. An underlying engine to power complex applications as well as store, search and analyze big volumes of data in near real time is a free and open source software. You can send or store data in the form of JSON documents to ES using APIs which automatically stores the original document and adds a searchable reference.

Elastic search offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Easy application development
  • Fast and timely operations
  • High performance
  • Near real-time operations etc.

Here are some of the use-cases where Elastic search can be used:

Online web store: where you can use elastic search to store your products, inventory and provide search suggestions to the customers.

Collect and analyze data: using Logstash(part of elastic search) to feed the data to perform searches and aggregations and extract any relevant information.

Alerts to customers: by using the reverse-search capability of elastic search to match prices with the customer queries and send alerts to the price-savvy customers.

Analytics: using Elastic search tools like Kibana, lots and lots of data can be summarized using ES aggregations. Also, analytical searches make sense when they run on time data.

Autocompletion & Instant searches: Searching while the user types comes in many forms though a lot of different elastic search features.

A common development evolution starts with building a simple search for a website and hopefully you feel inspired to use and build sophisticated elastic search applications after taking a glance at the above information. Elastic search is being used in quite a number of situations and emerges as a fairly young concept to start using it in a number of projects.

Get closer to start your production with Elastic search applications!