Elements of a Top-scoring Software Development Process

In the 21st century today, it is hardly possible to imagine any activity without some kind of computer-related processes. The technology-intensive lifestyle nowadays has induced software to be an integral part of the everyday routine. Organizations of every size are readily investing and gearing towards software-driven innovation more than ever for improving business value and performance.

While digging deeper, software product development is a highly organized process with precise procedures and strictly defined steps known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Whether it is for improving internal business operations or presenting software as a business model, understanding the software development process becomes imperative.

Brainstorming & Planning

It all starts with a great idea. But any idea needs to be carefully thought over to be implemented. Only after a perfect plan is worked out you are ready to move forward.


The most fundamental aspect of software development is the drive to innovate. People continuously seek out new techniques, strive for more performance and better-organized architecture, and develop more effective ways to write clean and reusable code.

Feasibility Analysis

A deep understanding of the project goal is very necessary to conduct proper feasibility and requirement analysis. Feasibility analysis displays all the technical and economical aspects whereas requirement analysis helps identify the risks at the very start of the project.

Code Quality & Architecture

If the architecture is not well developed and the code structure is not dynamic and sturdy, the software could fail when scaled. As it takes a lot of effort in building up an initial architecture of any software, companies should strictly emphasize on the code quality.

Integration & Testing

Once the software is built and complete, the next phase involves system testing and integration. The quality assurance team conducts a series of tests to ensure that the code is clean and the business goals are successfully met.

What matters at the end of the day is the final product or solution ready to offer to the world. However, the software development process varies from every organization aiming at the delivery of the best quality products. Keeping in mind the above key elements, it is very important to have everything documented so that it is the smooth end-to-end process for the clients as well as for the developer.

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