Flutter in Mobile app Development

Google’s flutter toolkit for cross-platform development has certainly become the framework of choice for many developers. Google in 2019 dedicated a lot of attention to the development of Flutter and thus the rate at which the Flutter apps are being published on the Google Play store continues to increase.

Flutter hits the sweet spot of enabling a single codebase and clearing the development dilemmas for the developers. The scope of flutter as technology is increasing day-by-day aiming to deliver beautiful, fast, and tailored experiences with high productivity for both the platforms.

FLUTTER- Google’s mobile app SDK that gives the developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive and fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. It enables a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development.

Further, flutter is:

– An open source language

– Based on Dart

– Provides its own widgets

– A competitor to React Native

Let us see some of the crucial advantages of using Flutter from the perspective of a developer.

  • Faster code writing

Flutter means faster and more dynamic mobile app development where changes can be seen right in the app. It is usually called the Hot Reload, which only takes seconds and helps the team to add features, fix bugs, and experiment faster.

  • Single Codebase

Using flutter, you don’t need to depend on the platform as it has its own widgets and designs. You can have the same app for both the platforms i.e. Android as well as iOS.

  • Easy Accessibility

It includes built-in opportunities to make your app accessible to a wide range of users. To ensure web accessibility, it also supports the following 3 components:

– Large fonts

– Screen readers

– Sufficient contrast

  • Portability

Flutter being a complete SDK can run virtually on any device with a screen. Third party ports have been created to build the app for all platforms which include embedding APIs, mouse and keyboard input functions, and different plugins.

  • Less time for testing

Because of a single codebase, the quality assurance process can be faster where developers need to write the tests only once and thus have less work to do.

It’s worth considering Flutter if you need to build an app for both the platforms (iOS & Android). Google is constantly introducing new features to the core Flutter experience and improving app development. Flutter provides a great chance to build beautiful, high-performance, and outstanding mobile apps as per your needs and requirements.