To develop quality products and services, one needs to have a clear understanding of the requirements, purpose and the behavior of the products to be developed so far. In order to get the best and quality results according to the requirements, you should have a detailed vision not just an idea of the concept.

For a clear and detailed vision and to have a detailed specification about the product/service to be developed, a Product Requirement Document(PRD) is prepared initially. The purpose of a PRD is to directly articulate the products purpose, features, functionality, and behavior. Basically, a product requirement document is a document which allows people to understand what a product should do and contain all the requirements to a certain product. It is a combination of System Requirement Document and a Business Requirement Document which helps the developer to have a better sense of what needs to be developed. A PRD is mostly prepared for software products but can be written for any product type or services from a user’s point of view by a user/client/company’s market department.

Let’s see what are the basic points to be considered for a good PRD:

  1. Proper R & D– Doing the specific product/service related research with the knowledge of your competitors, users, customers, team’s capabilities along with the available technologies gives you a high degree of confidence to work.

  2. Defining Product’s purpose– It is essential that the purpose of the product to be developed is conveyed clearly to the development team to plan and implement further steps appropriately.

  3. Dependencies, if any- If the development of the product includes some aspect where the team is dependent to meet the objective, it must be specified clearly.

  4. Constraints– It aims to the limitations which a product development team should focus upon which includes aspects such as risk tolerance, resources, staff etc.

  5. Technical requirements– All the technicalities must be specified well in advance before the development in order to achieve the desired features and functionalities.

  6. Prioritize your tasks– It is very important for the managers to prioritize tasks in the development process in order to carry out a smooth and systematic flow of product development.

The ultimate goal of creating a PRD is to describe a particular path and foundation for a successful product to be delivered. As it is said if a PRD is done well, it is bound to deliver a successful product and vice-versa. A product requirement document should neither be overspecified nor underspecified where questions are bound to come up with the most thorough PRDs as well.