Strategies to Make Your app go Viral

In today’s world of app development, every day is marked by a new app on the App/Play stores. Majority of the people especially today’s youth spend most of their lifetime glued to and staring on the mobile phones. And for that very reason, every application developer focuses towards making the app viral and extend the reach to millions of users, but in reality not every app has what it takes to drive the most downloads and achieve the desired virality.

What benefits does an app offer to the developer if it goes viral?

– Increases the scope of your app by engaging more people to share your app over and over again.

– Increased volumes of profit as the number of downloads increase on app/play stores.

– A sense of achievement with a feeling to have created something which attracts the human mind.

Let us talk about some strategies on how to make your apps go viral:

  • Sharing on social media platforms

As we all know that social media is ruling the world nowadays, it has become the best platform to reach millions of people out there. You must always have social media sharing options in your app which will help the users to share the content or what they liked about your app instantly.

  • Implement a Reward feature

Having reward functions at various intervals motivates the users to spend more time on your app, explore and suggest to other users as well. They act as just a push to the users to convince their friends to download the app and earn rewards. Also, these offers must be time bound which makes people take actions instantly.

  • Effective Push Notifications

Sending push notifications on appropriate times to the users helps in increasing the engagement rate of your app as they remind the users to complete the remaining actions on the app if any over and over again.

  • Reviews & Referrals

Always ensure that your app enough valuable information in order to seek for positive reviews and increase your search ranking. Adopt unique ways of asking for reviews and gain potential users on your app.

If a product or service is offered for free for trial a user will be definitely willing to try it and increase the app downloads. The best example of using referrals is UBER which offers a free ride to every new user through a referral.

Virality of an app is something that needs to be engineered from the starting. Adopting various strategies to promote your app benefits the developer on the whole and increases the chances of your app becoming viral very soon. In short, the idea to make an app viral cannot be an afterthought!