The domain of telemedicine has been encompassing and attainable for various small and large businesses alike. As it is widely known and accepted that the healthcare costs all over the world continue to rise year after year, it has led to an increase in the pace of developing telemedicine software solutions.

The global IT healthcare market has been predicted to reach $20 billion by the end of this year where telemedicine accounts for almost one-fourth of this market. But why did the telemedicine app development experienced such a big boom?

The telemedicine software solutions have conquered the barriers amongst patients and the healthcare workers eminently. The American Academy of Family Physicians has defined Telemedicine, as the practice of medicines using technology with the purpose of delivering care from a distance.

However, there are plenty of reasons for the telemedicine industry to face a tremendous rise in its demand.

24*7 Availability: At times people delay their visit to a doctor due to several reasons out of their busy schedules or even hesitate to visit a doctor for minor health issues. Telemedicine applications for healthcare make it easy and accessible as it requires only the installation of the app and consults your doctor sitting at home any time of the day.

Cost-effective: The telemedicine industry is highly profitable. With an e-Health app, doctors can help more patients each day and better medical facilities can be provided on the whole.

Almost 30% of the healthcare organizations have reported saving around 20% of their costs with telemedicine apps.

Safe & Secure: Healthcare applications can securely exchange data between doctors and patients if and when they comply with all the laws and regulations. Also, a safe and secure conversation can be carried forward between the two without any hindrances and delays.


For a quality health consultation and On-Demand medical service available to all, key benefits of such a solution include:

  • Video consultation with the doctors
  • Audio consultation with the doctors
  • Online scheduling of appointments
  • Integrated Billing
  • Patient & Doctor management
  • Secure messaging
  • Managing appointments and feedbacks
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Reviews & Ratings

Telemedicine is all about enabling communication between the doctors and the patients which can be built from a small cross-platform MVP to a big enterprise solution.