In 2018, content is supposed to be the major role player as far as SEO is concerned. As writing is a passion which everyone cannot possess, it requires the most challenging part of the human mind to be focused upon. You need to craft content that people want to read and not just come and go away without reading.

For framing good quality content, one needs to adhere to the following tips/strategies:

  • Uniqueness is the first and foremost aspect to be kept in mind before beginning to write something for your audience.

  • Appropriate keywords should be used with proper keyword research and optimization. Always use keywords sparely and wisely.

  • Master different writing styles meaning thereby, a successful content writer should be able to adopt different styles of writing which makes them more valuable.

  • On page optimizations such as proper Title tag, use of H1 and H2, image optimization, meta tags, and description etc. These convey proper signals to the search engines as to what exactly the page is about.

  • Word count matters – the content should be informative in order to have a low bounce rate and should be of use to the audience.

  • Be specific about your writing area/niche. Do not deviate or prolong the content unnecessarily.

  • Use of multimedia such as images, videos, infographics etc so that more users are attracted towards your piece of content.

Content plays a key role in gaining leads, building potential customers and their trust, maintaining relations with your customers and therefore, becoming the thought leader in your industry. However, it is very important to measure your efforts towards your area and estimate the returns possible. Likewise, a good SEO oriented content strategy lets you master all the audience of one’s particular area of interest.