Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Tools for Super Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you need to wear multiple hats every day. Being able to run a business an affiliate marketer needs to be a good consultant, SEO Pro, content marketer, product manager, conversion rate optimizer and a social media marketer. The pressure of being multitasking and creative, as well as productive, can make the life of an affiliate marketer very difficult.

The most effective way to break this difficult monster is by using the perfect tools from your arsenal.

If you already have a full-time job and you want to build your affiliate business on the side you might have to grind yourself for some time but using the perfect affiliate marketing tools will not only hack your way through for more productivity but will also save you great amount of time from your daily working hour to build the empire.

With the help of affiliate marketing tools, you will also tap those opportunities which are difficult to find otherwise and we all know that affiliate marketing is just about finding the right opportunities to strike before others do.

We have compiled a list of most useful affiliate marketing tools which will help you with the research, optimization, and content. The list is extensive so make sure you bookmark it for your future reference.

Link Trust: An outstanding affiliate marketing tool that allows you to access ads, devices, products as well as offers with a customizable interface to track all types of ads through cookies, mobile traffic and much more.

Aff Track: Afftrack is a click tracking system with which users can look for clients, monitor clicks and other activities, send bills and invoices. It is the only tool which provides unlimited clicks for all its packages.

Hit Path: HitPath is a multi channel tracking platform which offers the most comprehensive tool set for clients to attribute the various touch points of their marketing efforts and evaluate measurable customer engagements.

Has Offers: HasOffers is the leading performance marketing solution for measuring, analyzing, and optimizing performance marketing campaigns. It has great tracking metrics with 99% tracking up-time.

Voluum: Voluum is an innovative, real-time analytics platform for tracking online campaigns which also includes direct tracking pixels and CPC, CPM, and CPA cost models.

Journey by Cake: Journey by Cake is a platform for collecting, analyzing and acting on digital marketing insights in real-time, providing you with the intelligence needed to transform anonymous consumers into known customers.

Post Affiliate Pro: Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software with key features of fraud protection and accurate tracking and great customer support.

Awin: A win is a global affiliate marketing network that delivers marketing solutions for advertisers, agencies, and publishers around the world. It connects customers in over 180 countries with 900 employees, 100,000 contributing publishers, and 6,000 advertisers.

Share A Sale: Share A Sale is a platform where merchants and affiliates can meet and do business. It helps users to find products to promote and earn commission for referrals on those products. Affiliates use their own website, blogs, social media, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, RSS and email, etc.

Keyword Spy: Keyword Spy is a tool which lets you perform advanced searches to identify the top affiliates. Also, you can use this tool to get in-depth analysis, stats, affiliates, and ad copies of your competitors.

Refersion: Refersion is a fully-loaded affiliate and influencer marketing platform that allows you to efficiently manage, track, and grow your network. You can integrate your eCommerce platform to track any sales your affiliates drive. This helps you monitor real-time conversions.

Lead Dyno: It is an easy-to-use software that enables you to launch affiliate campaigns. Each of your new affiliates gets access to a custom affiliate dashboard through which you can provide them with all of the information needed to promote your brand or products.

Max Bounty: Max Bounty is a CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing network which provides affiliate marketers the opportunity to become affiliates for different companies (vendors) and earn extra money for every website visitor they bring to these companies.

Ambassador: Identify the affiliates, influencers, employees, and other advocates you want to partner with. Ambassador is one of the world’s best all-in-one referral software platforms which lets you manage all of your affiliates/ambassadors in one place and monitor their performance.

Buzz Sumo: Buzz Sumo is a research and monitoring tool. It also allows you to build outreach lists and engage with key influencers.