Understanding How Machine Learning will change your Work & Life

In today’s world of technological development and tech-savvy generation of our country, everything is getting digitalized from smartphones to smart homes and what not. The trend nowadays has moved on towards the adoption of Artificial Intelligence for every market vertical in order to make our lives easier, simpler, and faster.

One of the emerging concepts of AI is Machine Learning which means the ability of the machines or computers to act in a predictive manner without any instructions following the past records or the observations.

When machines become intelligent they can understand requests, draw conclusions, observe, and plan accordingly. Thus, artificial intelligence brings with it a promise of human-to-machine interaction possibly set out to make computers more useful and capable of independent reasoning.

In its basic sense, machine learning is the practice of using algorithms to resolve certain data, learn from it and then make a prediction about something in general.

The main prospects to be featured in machine learning are:

  • Representation
  • Visualization
  • Optimization

The upcoming trends in machine learning will mark an exponential leap in technological development with new machine learning solutions being developed constantly. Some of the emerging machine learning trends can be:

  • Machine learning app development for robotics
  • Machine learning solutions for the content generation
  • App development for predictive marketing
  • The growth of edge computing
  • Machine learning for IT Operations Management
  • Image recognition on social media

While artificial intelligence refers to a broader idea where machines can execute tasks smartly by applying various techniques to solve the problems, machine learning is one of such techniques which portrays that machines should be able to learn and adapt through experience.

Machine learning solutions are becoming more mainstream and will gain an edge over all others by 2020. From large platform vendors to early age startups, there has been no single industry vertical which is not impacted by machine learning. Various big giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook etc are looking forward to implementing such solutions in the real world by developing differently featured software.