Why Relationships at Workplace Matter?

Friends or Co-workers- an article titled by the American Psychological Association says that one should not blur and mix the two different words.
Building positive workplace relationships and managing them well is vital for career success. Workplace relationships are a tipping point upon which your entire career depends. Developing such relationships is inevitable, however, managing them with care is important for your work life. To develop a relationship-centric workplace, one should keep the following points in mind:

Prefer face-to-face interaction
Investing time in face-to-face interaction is the best and basic building block for any relationship. The tone of voice plays an important role in developing a relationship with someone. Conversing through text messages at times creates unavoidable misunderstandings.

Personify positivity
Always try to establish behavior that creates a feeling of positivity and belongingness around you. Merely saying out your thoughts verbally does not make any difference until and unless you put some efforts for the same. Efforts and authenticity are always recognized at some point in time reflecting a change in other’s actions as well.

Give recognition frequently
Often what matters the most are small and frequent recognition of one’s achievements be it small or big. Patting your peers and co-workers for what they do instills a sense of encouragement and motivation in employees. Appreciation involves a sense of bonding with people associated with you.

Do Not Hesitate
One should always be ready to work with everyone in the team without any hesitation. Hesitation is a negative feeling which is not at all desirable at a workplace and brings a sense of distortion in the team.

Plan meetings and events
Always plan small meetings at frequent intervals to have an update about what is happening in the team. Also, dedicate scheduled time for employees and come together around shared interests.

Although everyone plays a role in this process, change must first be demonstrated by an organization’s cultural champions. Try and give a thought to manage your workplace relationships with these tips to ensure a balanced work and personal life. Though placing human relationships at the center of the workplace takes a concerted, proactive effort but one should always initiate for the same.