We are always running short of space when it comes to our mobile phones as we keep on downloading various apps that fascinate us and fill up our storage. In the app development world, instant apps are the next step towards evolution. Now that a few of the Instant apps have successfully made to the Google Play store, we can expect the number of apps to rise in the near future.

But what exactly are Instant apps? And how do we access them on our phones?

Instant apps come as a feature that allows you to use an app without actually downloading it on your phone. They just work like all other apps installed on your phone but you don’t have to download anything. Using an instant app is just similar to browsing a web page and disappears as soon as you close them. Therefore, it can be said that ‘instant apps do not live on your phone’.

Also, these apps can be delivered as regular apps without any technical limitations and can be specifically targeted as well. Any developer has a full-fledged option to choose from a set of features to release and lock the full version of the app until the user decides to download it.

On the whole, it seems pretty much exciting for the users to get rid of the hassle of installing an app and save time and efficiency further.

Instant apps have also paved ways and opened new opportunities for businesses to increase the user base and engagement. Therefore, the real impact of instant apps lies in the ability of a user to access an app and seamlessly buy or order something, share links within the apps or to get directions to any place will lead to increased potential traffic and promotion of your app. Android Instant apps have introduced a host of new challenges for each set of users and are probably aiming towards setting a ‘future of no downloads’.

Let’s stay tuned for more updates!