10 Ideas for a Powerful Lead Generation Strategy

10 Ideas for a Powerful Lead Generation Strategy

Optimizing your content and website SEO is a great way to attract more visitors searching for relevant queries.

Leads are the potential buyers of your product or services. These people have interacted with your brand, have shown interest, and are already a part of your sales funnel. So, you plan a strategy that converts them from visitors to a customer.

Simply put, any step towards adding more people in your sales funnel – including asking them to opt-in, sending personalized emails, optimizing your content is part of your lead generation strategy.

However, since no two businesses are the same, much effort and experimentation is required to find the correct strategy that works for you. Below are ten effective ways that work for most brands and are worth trying.


Lead generation strategies in a digital marketing plan are a must for anyone willing to generate sales, as it provides an easy way reach to customers. Moreover, when users see others interacting with your brand, this establishes social proof and increases the chances of conversion.

Active participation on all the platforms like sharing videos on YouTube, knowledge sharing on Quora, and engaging content on Instagram or Facebook have outstanding results for a lead generation strategy.

Customer Engagement

Customers today have little time and hate waiting. Therefore, keeping the customers waiting is the easiest way to lose them. So, a mechanism to instantly engage with them is a must.

It could be anything from having a FAQ section to live chat or having dedicated telephone numbers to resolve their queries. In addition to improving the conversions, this will also help you win the trust of your users. Moreover, better customer service delivers an enhanced user experience. Consequently, this also assures better sales!

High-Quality Content

Quality is the prerequisite for any marketing campaign. Creating quality content is mandatory for lead generation strategies in digital marketing as it captures attention. So, create engaging content or videos and post them on the right platforms.

Additionally, always use intriguing CTA and quality content to enhance your brand/product awareness for increased numbers of visitors that convert.

Companies hopping aboard the content train are generating 67% more leads per month.

Stay up to date with the Trends.

No matter what market you operate in, the users always want the best and latest technology. You must know the latest developments in your field to upscale your business. Therefore, always keep an eye on social media and renowned publications in your niche.

Generating leads is a dynamic field. It includes changing user behaviors, technology, and interactions. So, keep studying the market and be eager to implement the changes whenever required.

Upselling & Retargeting

A user visits your site, clicks on CTA, and buys the product – this is an ideal scenario where a visitor converts into a customer.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case, especially if you are a new venture. So, you can use a lead generation strategy like retargeting and upselling. Sometimes, the users may check your product or even add it to the cart but don’t purchase.


Here, you can use retargeting to convert the leads still in the cycle. You re-engage the customer through personalized offers and emails so that he can complete the purchase.


You aim to increase the purchase amount of the customer with this strategy. It is effective in those scenarios when you know a lead will convert but aim at making it more beneficial.

Create your Website

Setting up your website that is SEO optimized is one of the lead gen ideas you can use to establish your brand authority and generate more leads. Further, you can start a blog or an online store as per your niche and marketing strategy.

Don’t forget to use relevant and intriguing CTA’s on landing pages to generate more leads  to make it easier for your users to search and purchase your products/services.

Start Networking

Never undermine the power of networking in a business. It can solve the multiple problems faced by your enterprise.

Always ask for customer referrals, interview the best people in your industry, and never feel shy about reaching out to influencers.

Maintain a positive, customer-centric outlook in your interactions to win the trust of your customers and your brand for better results.

Emphasize your USP

Always work with passion and never stop stressing your USP or Unique selling point. Ideally, this sets you aside from the competitors and attracts the audience.

Promote your USP on all social platforms. Be clear about your brand voice and values. When users see your brand and its values, they can relate better to it. Since it leaves a positive impact, it increases conversions.


Optimizing your content and website SEO is a great way to attract more visitors searching for relevant queries. When you rank on the first page of a search engine, your audience is directly already looking for solutions, making things easier.

Moreover, you can also use the right keywords and hashtags in your social media posts to make the most of them.

Giveaways & Contests

Hosting timely contests and free giveaways for the consumers is one of the best lead gen ideas to engage them and force their trust in your brand. Alternatively, you can also offer them free samples and gifts or discounts as a part of your lead generation strategy.

Since the customers have already interacted with your brand, it is easier to convert when they engage again.


Generating leads is essential for improving the performance of any business and for sustaining it in the longer run. Many lead capture strategies can help you to increase the ROI. However, every enterprise is different, so the same tactics may not work for others or vice versa. But being passionate and open to experimenting can go a long way and contribute to the success of your business.

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