Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing campaign optimization boosts organic traffic. So here are a few tips to help you get more visitors & improve business performance for more profits.

Increase Your Brand Engagement with these Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Having a digital presence has become the need of every business. But if online business attracts no visitors is of little to no use.

SEO or search engine optimization techniques make your content better for users and search engines.

Therefore, if you are someone looking forward to increasing the traffic on your website or social media platforms to boost your revenue, going for the strategies below can be of help.


If you have been trying to keep up with BERT, it is time to revamp your practices as the new Google bot is here.

It is time to say goodbye to BERT and say hi to MUM, the new bot. It has additional features that make it more sensitive to voice search. MUM or – the Multitask United Model analysis images, videos and multiple languages.

So, the users can easily find the information in one go instead of trying with multiple queries.

Quality Content

Content has retained its place as the key ranking feature for years and will continue enjoying this prominence in the coming years.

Follow the EAT process, expertise, authority and trustworthiness to create content that helps you build brand authority.

Remember, unique content remains the first choice of Google. So, if you want to rank on the first page, putting more research and effort to make your content stand out can go a long way.

Core Web Vitals

predict that in 2022, Core Web vitals are going to have more impact on the rankings of your page or website. There are three web vitals:

  • LCP – Largest Contentful paint which is that point when the users can see all the readable content on your site which measures the loading speed.
  • FID – First Input Delay – This is the time stamp when the users can first successfully interact with the visible content or buttons on your site pointing towards how interactive your site is.
  • CIS – Cumulative Layout Shift is the distance by how much the content and CTA on your page shifts when the page is first visible and is fully loaded indicating the stability of your site.

Video content

Video is the most consumed form of content. So, make sure you add the required properties to your video to enable google to point to specific sections within your video.

The video markup can now identify the key moments in your video and display them in the search results.

Similarly, clip markup tells the readers about the timestamps in your video where they can find the relevant content and helps to increase the CTR of your videos.


Mobile phones have become the most used devices. So, if you are not targeting mobile devices, you are missing opportunities to grow.

Google’s mobile-first approach, search engine optimization algorithm gives more preferences to the website that perform well on mobiles. So, focusing on mobile devices is a wise decision.

User Search Intent

Search intent or user intent is the goal behind the users’ query. Google always puts the users first.

So, the content liked by the users and serving their purpose is likely to rank higher.

That is why understanding what the users are looking for and offering the same is an important SEO factor in digital marketing campaign optimization

Snippets & Passage ranking

Snippets are visible to the users at the top of the SERP, at position zero and in a rectangular box. Therefore, they stand out to the users and are a sure shot way to derive more traffic to your website. So, these snippets can help both you and visitors.

Although there are no specific search engine optimization techniques or rules to rank in a snippet, always answer a particular question with quality information. Creating content in question form or bullet points can also be helpful.

Voice search

More and more users now prefer voice search. According to Forbes, 27% of the world’s population – mobile voice search.

Following the same trend, Google now recognizes audio functionality as a positive ranking feature to make things easier for the users. Therefore, adding an audio option to your site increase your reach.

However, be mindful that voice search queries are more specific, so if you end up finding the right ones, it can help you understand the search engine optimization algorithms and get more conversions! Not only this, but you can also promote these videos on other platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to make the most of these.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest ways to achieve digital marketing campaign optimization. Here, social media celebrities recommend your product, making it easier for the users to trust your brand and increase brand awareness.

Reach out to famous personalities for collaborations. But the catch is to find and work with the right influencer specific to your niche with a following of like-minded people who will probably like your product.

Concluding Words

Technology is evolving at a fast rate. However, search engine optimization techniques continue to enjoy their prominence in the online world.

Experts predict that core web vitals, audio, snippet and passage ranking will be the leading google rank factors this year.

In addition to this, understanding user search intent, influencer marketing and Google’s new robot MUM is a huge plus.

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