10 technical Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

10 technical Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

The advantages of having entrepreneurial skills can not be overlooked for business growth. These include basic coding, web designing & marketing.

The role of technology in businesses has become unquestionable, making it necessary to incorporate the right technologies to boost your business.

Further, you cannot take the right decisions until you are familiar with them. This also applies to your business plans and strategies. That is why it is also important to acquaint yourself with these technologies when making decisions with the potential to change how your business performs:

But what is technical expertise?

Technical expertise is the competence to perform technical tasks that contribute to the growth of your business. We know that as an entrepreneur, you need competence at different levels like analytical, logical, and technical.  All of these are eminent but since the role of technology in the business sphere is increasing, it has become a must-have.

Technical expertise and entrepreneurial skills give you the freedom to handle the technical aspect of your business and make informed decisions, read below to find out the advantages of having entrepreneurial skills.

What are the 10 entrepreneurial skills?

The current technology trends have necessitated undergoing technical training for entrepreneurs. Although there is a long list of such skills, we have briefly discussed some advantages of having entrepreneurial skills below:

Basic Coding

Digitization of the businesses has increased the demand for web development, mobile and app development. So you will inevitably find yourself talking to software developers at one time or the other. Although you do not have to master all the coding languages, having a basic understanding of the framework, languages, and HTML coding is an entrepreneurial skill that can go a long way.

It will also help you to choose the right technologies, explain your demands to the developer and understand their suggestion better, for the growth of your business.


Everyone should understand the basics of designing. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, you will post on social media, and share images with your team. This will also give you a broader idea about the options available and make things easier for you and your team.


SEO is an evitable aspect of every business. So make sure, your content reaches your target audience by following the right SEO tactics. When you know what best SEO practices can affect your business, you will also be able to help to keep your team in focus, making it a recommended skill for all entrepreneurs.


You can never have enough of marketing. There are hundreds of aspects of businesses like email and content. Knowing each of these is a huge plus when reaching out to your customer through social media and other platforms. Not only this knowing the best email practices will also help you in effective client communication which can go a long way.

Customer Handling

You will inevitably have to communicate with the clients and prospects as an entrepreneur. Not only this but training to communicate with your customers in a better way is also a great entrepreneurial skill that ensures business growth.

Don’t forget your employees

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Now that you know the advantages of having entrepreneurial skills it is also important to keep your team upskilled and at par with industry demands. When an individual understands all the aspects of the process, irrespective of their job role, they will be able to contribute and coordinate better with the other teams.

 Here are some basic skills, you should introduce to all your team members:

  • Designing
  •  SEO
  • Customer handling
  •  Basic coding

But while training them in these, you also need to make sure they help to make their work easier and do not just add to the workload. So always check with them and only start with the individuals who are willing to undergo the training. Further to make these training sessions easier, you need to use more strategies. You can also make the learning session easier by making them gamified and more interactive through videos, pictures, and online content.  Additionally using a mix of online and offline training methods is a huge plus as well.

Concluding Words

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

That is why you should never stop learning and if you are a part of the tech world, this calls for continuous efforts in the terms of upskilling and learning. New technologies are coming to light every day. This calls for technical expertise to make things easier for you and your team. Learning basic entrepreneurial skills can give you a fair hold over the technical aspects and make things easier for you and your team.

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