5 Reasons you should use wireframing

5 Reasons you should use wireframing

Wireframe design saves time and costs. It speeds up the development process by presenting a mock-up layout of the software product.

Product development can be a challenging task. It includes a lot of uncertainties, especially in its early phases when it is hard to invest time and resources in something you can not visualize.

Wireframing helps you see the functionalities and product design, solving one of the mightiest problems of the software world.

It also adds more clarity to the development process and lets you up with all the requirements while focusing on all the aspects – like user and software needs.

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe in software development is a mock-up design of your product with basic functionalities that mimic the final product. It is a skeleton representation, showing essential elements like buttons, information, images, titles, and content. Further, depending on your requirements, you can also choose the type of wireframe design you want to work on:

1) Low-Fidelity Wireframe – Known as paper wireframes, they do not have any grids, scales, and pixels. But include a raw representation of functions, contents, headings, and topics.

2) Medium Fidelity Wireframe – They include all the elements in the low fidelity wireframe design, in addition to scales and grids. They are the most used forms of communication with users and stakeholders.

3) High-Fidelity Wireframe – They consist of functional features and content. These are absent in low and mid-fidelity wireframes and make them a feasible solution for deciding the concrete shape of UI Components. It consists of base colors for the representation of the final design.

Benefits of Wireframing

Wireframing has become an essential part of UI based design process. It makes things easy for everyone by giving you and investors an idea of the product they envision. The design and the development team also get a blueprint they can work on without making changes at every step. Below are the benefits of wireframing to help you understand why it is necessary before you start working on the development part.

Iterative design

Wireframe design helps you follow a step-by-step approach to your product. You donā€™t have to work on functionality, branding, design, and creative aspects altogether. It helps you stop worrying about everything right in the first stage. It also lets the user, clients, and team members share their feedback in the initial stages.

A centralized vision

Wireframe in software development is a great mechanism to organize all the ideas and give them a concrete shape. It includes all the inputs and provides a roadmap to everyone before they start working on it. Wireframing services present a line of action to your team, and a vision to your investors, making things easier for everyone. It puts everything in perspective and makes development efficient.

Better Design

Website design plays a pivotal role in determining its success. Along with the user experience, it affects other factors like SEO and how readily the users can find your website over the internet. It also includes site navigation and intuitiveness that affect its usability.

They are visible post-development only, working on them can be difficult as it also changes the other elements. But wireframing services allow you to consider and change them in the initial stages.

Focus user experience

User-friendliness should always remain your focus while working on product design. When you have a rough draft, it saves you from hierarchy and content placement issues.

These can affect your search engine rank and lead to a bad user experience. Wireframes in software development let you collect feedback before working on it and save time for brand imaging. Further, since you know user preferences, it will make your design more engaging and user-friendly.

Improved Collaboration

Wireframe designing is a great technique to include everyone in product development at the right time. You can easily present your raw ideas to all the teams, including the clients and the investors, and get their views on them.

When you go for wireframing, it gives you the freedom to consider all the ideas proposed. It will not affect the other teams. Further, once you decide on the final layout, all the teams can simultaneously start working on their part without waiting for the other, which also speeds up the development part.

Concluding Words

Saving costs/time and attracting investors are some of the biggest challenges when starting a business. Wireframing services present a feasible solution to these as it enhances the time to market and assures a better user experience, making it a win-win for both you and end users.

Further, you can also choose the type of wireframing model you want to go for, making it an alternative that will benefit the product development stage of your venture. A good wireframe is a step toward a good design and can save you from redesigning your website, which demands a lot of money and time.

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