How to convert an idea into a prototype - a step guide

How to convert an idea into a prototype – a step guide?

Idea prototyping is an important part of design thinking. Identify your goals, and use sketches, and wireframes before coming up with the final layout.

Your business idea plays a conspicuous role in deciding its success.

Finding unique ideas that help your business stand out is challenging, but verifying their practicality is unnegotiable. That is why more entrepreneurs now spend more time on finding solutions to queries like how to make a prototype of my idea.

Idea prototyping in design thinking is a process that converts a raw idea into a product. It is a representational model of your final product that mimics its primary functionalities and features. Since design thinking puts the customers first and focuses on user experience, it is widely in use.

Why do you need a prototype?

Entrepreneurship culture is at an all-time high, but 95% of them fail.

A business idea that is not practical and powerful enough to bag a space in the market is one of the leading causes behind it.

That is why prototyping to validate the viability of your idea is essential. It helps you assess your business idea and its layout, increasing the chances of it being a hit in the market. Here is a list of benefits it brings along:

  • Superior quality design
  • Determines the practicality of the idea
  • Time and money saving
  • Increases success chances

How to make a prototype of my idea?

Finding a business idea is one of the most eminent steps for a business. But checking that it solves a problem in the market and is better than the competitors is also necessary. When your business idea is justified, you can start converting it into a physical model. Follow these easy steps for that:

Identifying goals and features

When you start prototyping in design thinking, you already have an idea. But are yet to work on the most challenging step – deciding the design of your product. The tough competition necessitates considering audience goals. Ideally, the design of your product will depend on your target users, the latest trends in the market, and a lot more.

By the end of this stage, you should:

  • Do all your research
  • Brainstorm ideas with your team
  • Study the problem you solve
  • Know what makes you better than competitors

Rough draft

Now you should have enough information about what you are trying to achieve from your product and know the primary functions and the layout.

Although it is not the actual representation of your product, try to be as precise as you can while working on the first draft to make things easier and speed up the prototyping process. Further, you can choose one of the following options at this step

  • Sketching
  • Printing
  • 3D printing
  • CNC prototyping

Turning your prototype into wireframes

Before converting your idea into a prototype, you will likely make several changes before coming up with the final product.

Convert your rough draft into a wireframe and then into a prototype to reach the final product. Here, designers work on several aspects like structural and functional problems, expanding functionalities, offering flexibility, and more.


Testing your prototype

If you are an entrepreneur just focusing on how to make a prototype of my idea is not enough. Testing your idea prototype is also essential for design and also involves looking at aspects like the validity of UI and usability. Test the prototype directly by asking the consumer, or if you are at an early stage, share it with your team, client, and stakeholders.

At this stage, you should know what you are testing and establish clear goals for everyone, including the team and the users.

Concluding words

So if you are planning a venture, start prototyping your business idea. It will assure you are solving the right problem for the right audience and have an idea that is well-received in the market. Identify your goals, and validate the business idea before working on the wireframes and the prototypes for the best results.

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